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New Bedford
458 Dartmouth Street (508) 996-3778
2206 Acushnet Avenue (508) 998-1121
132 Alden Road
Long Term Care Pharmacy
(508) 998-8000
North Dartmouth
535 Faunce Corner Road
Specialty Drugs
(508) 998-7888



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Corporate Office
132 Alden Road
Fairhaven, MA 02719

Phone: 508-998-8000    Fax:  508-998-1145


Philip Falzarano, R.Ph.
Chief Operating Officer/Pharmacist
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3020  Fax:  508-998-1145

Jennifer Torrey, R.Ph.
V.P. of Clinical & Pharmacy Services
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3048 Fax: 508-998-1145

Rosemary Rebello
Dir. of Administration/HR/HIPPA Compliance Officer
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3025  Fax:  508-998-1145

Jessica Raposo
Communications & Compliance Officer
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3021  Fax:  508-998-1145

Abigail L. DuPont, B.S.
Dir. of Marketing & Community Outreach
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3028  Fax:  508-998-1074

Denise Marcelino
Accounting Manager
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3027  Fax:  508-998-1145

Jim Coutinho
Director of HIV/AIDS Services
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3031 Fax: 508-998-1145

Amanda Camara
Patient Advocate
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3067 Fax: 508-998-1074

Mary Cabral
Account Manager of Business Development
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3088 Fax: 508-998-1074

Long Term Care
132 Alden Road
Fairhaven, MA 02719

Phone: 508-998-8000   Fax:  508-998-1136


Julia Fonseca, C.PhT.
Operations Manager
Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3029  Fax:  508-998-1094

Marina Cabral, C.PhT.
Patient Services Manager

Phone: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3039  Fax:  508-998-1074


South End Location
458 Dartmouth Street
Your Neighborhood Compounding Pharmacy
New Bedford, MA 02740

Adam Wilczek, R.Ph.
Vice President of Pharmacy Services

Rene St. Laurent, R.Ph./CCN/DNM
Pharmacist/BHRT Consultant

Toni Lynn Cardoza, C.PhT.
Compounding Lab Manager

North End Location
2206 Acushnet Avenue
New Bedford, MA 02745

Joe Nobrega, R. Ph.

Hawthorn Medical Associates
535 Faunce Corner Road
N. Dartmouth, MA 02747

Steven Brien, RPh.
Pharmahealth Pharmacy at Hawthorn Medical




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