HIV/AIDS Patient Services Team

Jim Coutinho

Jim Coutinho
Dir. HIV/AIDS Services

PharmaHealth’s HIV/AIDS Patient Services Team is run by Jim Coutinho, Director of HIV/AIDS Services and Eric Pedro, Patient Services Coordinator. With their combined years of experience in the field, Jim and Eric help provide our HIV/AIDS patients with increased options for specialized services, including HDAP enrollment assistance and medication adherence guidance. For more information call:

Jim: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3031 or Eric: 508-998-8000 Ext. 3042

HDAP Enrollment Assistance Program

Through PharmaHealth Pharmacy's HIV/AIDS Patient Services team, we can help our HIV/AIDS patients enroll in the Massachusetts HIV Drug Assistance Program (HDAP) and AIDS Drug Assistance Program. HDAP/ADAP assistance is provided though our Long Term Care location on 132 Alden Rd. Fairhaven, MA .

Eric Pedro

Eric Pedro
Patient Services Coordinator

What is HDAP/ADAP?

HDAP and ADAP are programs that help HIV-positive individuals with
limited income, who cannot otherwise afford HIV-related medications,
the ability to continue receiving and paying for their medications.

HDAP is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health - Office of HIV/AIDS, and is funded through federal and state sources. HDAP is administered by the Community Research Initiative (CRI).

ADAP is a program funded through the Rhode Island Department of Health - Office of HIV/AIDS & Viral Hepatitis.

Both programs require renewal every 6 months.

Who Is Eligible of HDAP? (Please call for information regarding ADAP)

To be eligible for HDAP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be HIV-positive
  • Live in Massachusetts
  • Meet income eligibility guidelines

Gross annual income must be no more than 500% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) . For 2009, the income limit is $54,150 for an individual, with $3,740 additional per dependent.

Immigration status does not matter for this program. Undocumented Massachusetts residents are eligible for HDAP.

There are no age restrictions. Adults and children are eligible.

What Are The Benefits of HDAP/ADAP?

HDAP covers FDA-approved treatments for HIV infection and related conditions.

  • medications and drug co-pays
  • private non-group health insurance premiums and premium co-pays
  • HIV resistance testing (genotype and virtual phenotype lab tests)
  • post-exposure prophylaxis (treatment for people who have had a high risk exposure to HIV) for potential non-occupational exposures to HIV

What is the Comprehensive Health Insurance Initiative (CHII)?

HDAP's Comprehensive Health Insurance Initiative (CHII) pays health insurance costs for enrolled clients:

  • CHII helps uninsured individuals purchase non-group health insurance with full prescription drug coverage.
  • CHII covers premium payments for clients who already have insurance.
  • CHII pays each insurance plan’s required monthly premiums and/or prescription co-payments for HDAP-approved drugs.

Specifically, CHII helps pay for:

  • Non-group health insurance
  • Small-group health insurance
  • Self-employed health insurance
  • MassHealth or Commonwealth Care premiums
  • Employee premium deduction
  • Medicare Part D premiums

CHII does not cover the costs of doctor visits, non-prescription co-payments, or deductibles.

How Do You Apply?

If you are currently a PharmaHealth patient or would like to become a PharmaHealth patient, contact Jim or Eric and Let Us Do It For You! We are experienced in the enrollment process for both HDAP and ADAP and would like to help.

(For HDAP)

If you would like to enroll on your own, you can call HDAP Toll Free at 1 800-228-2714 and ask for an application or download the application from the Community Research Initiative web site: HDAP Enrollment Application . See site for c omplete instructions. Note: the process can take up to two weeks.

(For ADAP)

If you would like to enroll on your own, you must seek assistance from a case manager at a RI Department of Health-funded community based organization. Please visit the Rhode Island Department of Health's website at: for more information.

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